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Ahh Halloween, Big Stores, and Stolen Art

The Trick or Treaters – Β© Ryan Conners
Hi everyone! So as Halloween items start filling the stores, I have a huge favor to ask! If you happen to see something that you think or know looks like my stuff, please let me know! If you can grab photos of item, price tag, and maker that would be awesome. I was alerted last night by an awesome fan who was gifted a pillow from <insert big retail store here> that definitely is using my art without permission. They sent all the pertinent info and photos and I forwarded that to my lawyer.
Stolen art for <big retail store> Pillow
Just for the record, if I license anything, I will let always let you all know by posting about it on my Facebook art page, sometimes here on the blog, but most of my posts are on the art page. Pillows are definitely not anything I will ever license since I sell those in my online shops! Thank you and hope you’re all doing well and having a good start to this week. ❀
The Trick or Treat Group – Β© Ryan Conners
images stolen from for pillow
Three different paintings used to piece together the pillow art.

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