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Is It Autumn Yet?

No, seriously, it’s been so hot and humid lately and I’m just not a fan. I lived in 115 weather in Palm Springs and it was hot, but not the worst. Why? No humidity! Anyway, I’m dreaming of autumn! So for the first time, I have painted my Autumn Bicycle Ride kitties on large 16″ x 20″ canvases! I’m definitely having a lot of fun with larger canvases lately. However, I really wanted to make some wonky versions of my bicycle kitties…but as you can see, Mister Tuxie came out like normal. So I thought, “Hmm…let’s draw the ginger kitty with my right hand!” (I’m left-handed.) Just thinking about it made me visualize the cat backwards…so yeah. He wasn’t very wonky, but he is definitely very chonky! I think he’s a cute little…big? ginger!

Ryan Conners

Ryan Conners

16 x 20 autumn bicycle16 x 20 ginger bike


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