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Well That Was Creative Art Theft?

It’s another day and another notice from a fan regarding stolen art. This time at <insert big box store name here>. And THIS time, they’ve literally pieced together different parts from different paintings of mine. The two cats, from two very different paintings, and a photoshopped scarf from another. Three paintings alone make up just the cats. I know that haunted house in the background is mine, but honestly I’m rather tired of searching through 8k images to find it-they’ve already stolen enough of my time. The stolen image below, followed by the images that make it all up.

spooky drive
My original painting-A Spooky Drive.
autumn driver
This cat is the driver they photoshopped in.
tandem bicycle
It took me a while to figure out where they got the passenger.Β 

So where do I go from here? That’s always the question. I can’t deal with them directly so it’s time to contact my lawyer who has handled this in the past. I am waiting to find out who the manufacturer is, because I would like to stop them at the source if possible.

home goods theft
I arranged them all close so you can easily see what’s going on here.

2 thoughts on “Well That Was Creative Art Theft?

  1. Probably from China. I think a lot of it comes from there.

  2. […] is different from past times when they’d literally just slap my actual art on to a pillow, or piece it together with multiple pieces of my artwork. It isn’t just Casaba, it’s Nicole Miller Home with Persian cats on towels that look […]

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