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Art of Deceit 2.0 or Art Contest Theft Update… #art

I don’t know why people do it, why they always try to rationalize or make themselves innocent victims when they’re caught stealing art and passing it off as their own. The person who submitted the sailor cat to a design contest online for a French boutique contacted me via my Facebook page today. It’s been…interesting and honestly rather amusing. I’m going to share her reasoning? I’m not sure if that’s the right word. I am not going to hide her name, as I didn’t with the other Flavia (what is it with this name and stealing my art?) Below is the conversation that transpired. Yes I was really snarky, and I responded before my first cup of coffee, but yeah.



convo 1convo 2convo 3convo 4convo 5

If only I would have had my cup of coffee prior to responding, I would have inserted the fact that I am a U.S. Navy veteran and that IS A HUGE inspiration in my artwork. I love painting sailor cats. But my biggest influence was always my Puddy cat! <3

puddy sailor
Puddy, an inspiration for many years before his passing. <3

convo 6convo 7


I will never understand the information they always tell me. “I’m a single mom, I am not trying to hurt anyone…I’m a good person.” “I have 37 years old and two degrees…” What? :thinkingemoji: What does that have to do with anything? If you have 14 years in the fashion (???) industry and two degrees, then maybe you should know better?

Anyway, that’s enough of this. I received an email from the company that ran the contest and they’re sorting it out on their end. But this is a daily occurrence and I just have to pick and choose what and who I go after, because it takes so much of my time and is extremely frustrating. Hell just today as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed I came upon this advertisement. It’s never-ending…fb adfbad3

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  1. Really not understanding this kind of things, I agree with you, I am sorry to hear this. I love your cats and you are special artist. Thank you, Love, nia

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