Coffee and Cats

My two favorite things! Although Chai tea is definitely sneaking in there, neck and neck with coffee. Shhh….don’t tell though. Maybe I should paint with tea next?  A tea cat…


“Coffee Cat in Stripes”

An original illustration and coffee & watercolor painting.

What’s more apropos than a coffee cat painted in coffee? =D

Painted on Arches Watercolour, cold pressed, 300g/m2 140lb, 100% pure cotton, acid-free paper.

Size 9″ x 12″ – sprayed with a matte varnish.


Last week, and spilling into the weekend… I was working on patterns. I always wanted to make some patterns, but was unsure how to go about it. So I just started drawing in my sketchbook and tried to figure it out. Ultimately, by the time I got to the last pattern, cats and coffee, I think I simplified and it figured it out. I am definitely going to have to pick up some items with these cats and coffee! Click the image, or here to see all the items available.


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