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Working With Watercolors

About a month ago my daughter was all over watercolor pencils. She needed them, badly, so she said. So I bought her some watercolors, watercolor pencils, and a couple of pads of watercolor paper. I think she painted two things? Then it was back to the YouTube videos of people playing Five Nights at Freddy’s. (I think that’s the correct name…annoying game either way.)

Naturally she left all her art supplies on my huge desk and I kept glancing over at them, wondering if I could figure out the whole watercolor thing. I only paint in acrylics, as I have no patience for oils, nor tolerance for oils and fumey liquids. Fumy? Fumes…liquids that smell bad. You know what I mean.

So I did it. I took over the watercolors (not the pencils) and some paper and started painting. I think it’s been fine so far, I think? I also decided that since I always have coffee in front of me, and I have instant coffee for staining clothing for photos, might as well try that too. OOOH I love the coffee tones! I could easily become obsessed with painting using only coffee. But no, I need color, so I won’t do that.

I will however incorporate it into my normal acrylic paintings, like I did yesterday with my Iced Coffee Ginger Cat painting. I couldn’t help myself. I used coffee everywhere I could on this painting. Even utilizing my coffee cup for the background.

So while I’m thoroughly enjoying painting with watercolors (and coffee) I don’t think that the watercolors will replace my normal medium. I will offer prints of them in both my  RedBubble shop, but I’m not sure about selling the originals. I guess we’ll see!

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  1. Really enjoyed this blog post and your wonderful watercolors and coffee paintings! 😁 I wish I could paint with watercolors but alas, they do not cooperate. Hope you continue to paint in watercolors as well as your acrylics, you certainly have a knack for it!!

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