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Skellie Cats & Horse

I don’t know about you, but when the summer weather turns stormy and dark, I long for autumn. It’s not the rain and storms that make me long for it, but the awful humidity. “If it was just a wee bit cooler, and leaves were falling, this could be autumn!” So anyway, that makes me want to paint for Halloween. p.s. there are only 109 days left until Halloween!


“The Skellie Cats”

-Painted with Golden acrylics.
-Approx. 10″ x 7 1/4″ x 1″ Piece of pine (left over from shelves I put up)
-Topped with two coats of gloss varnish.
-Signed, titled, and dated on the back by me!

It seems that this year the skellie cats have found themselves a better way to get to the Halloween party! Nothing was more fitting to carry them, than a skellie horse!

4 thoughts on “Skellie Cats & Horse

  1. Only 109 days! Now that’s preparation! Cool pic.

    1. Thanks! Well, 109 sounded like a lot less until I said it out loud. =P

  2. Cool art!

    1. Thanks!

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