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Kittens in Scarves…and a Dog

Pierre in a scarf
Ok, so I wasn’t sure if I’d get around to taking photos of the kittens in scarves, like I did the cats last year. Guess what? I did! I had an hour to spare and my Mother was willing to be the cat handler. Enjoy cute kittens in scarves!
Rosebud in a scarf
Willow in a scarf
Claire de Lune in a scarf
Fionnoula in a scarf
Dorian in a scarf
Apple in a scarf
Peaches in a scarf
Pierre in a scarf

2 thoughts on “Kittens in Scarves…and a Dog

  1. Those are some dashing kitties!

  2. I simply must know how you managed to get them to stay put. My kitties would be rolling around trying to ditch the scarves and chasing every stray leaf that blew by…this is an impressive feat.

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