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Merrick Cat Food – Klout Perks


I’m not really sure how I stumbled upon, but saw a few of my friends there and decided why not sign up. Mind you, I haven’t paid attention to it because I’m still not entirely sure what’s going on there, but the other day I received an email regarding  “Klout perk.” I could claim this perk from Merrick, a pet food company that makes grain-free cat food. Always willing to have the kitties try new food (since California Natural and Solid Gold were recalled not too long ago…) I accepted the perk! Flash forward 2-3 weeks later and it arrived! First off, the box was super cute and a lot more than I expected for a sampler box. There were two samples of the wet cat food, a sample of hard food for adult cats, a blue and white checkered napkin, menus, a plate, and a cute little pink collar with charms!


After a lottery, Rosebud was chosen to have the first sample of wet food with a sprinkle of hard food (ok there wasn’t a lottery…he’s just so damn cute) and boy did he like it! We let him have quite a go at the sample before passing it on, but as you can see from the last photo, it was chop-licking-good. =)

Rosebud trying Merrick Cat Food

The highest praise, however, came from my cat-loving friend who mentioned that her cats eat Merrick cat food! I had no idea, I guess it’s not a subject we’d covered before. One of her cats has diabetes and has a strict diet. Knowing Merrick is good enough for her cats, I think we’ll definitely have to see about getting some for ours.
Rosie likes it!

Merrick cat food, Rosebud-approved!

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