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Reading by the Fire

Reading by the fire
Ahh, it’s feeling like Autumn today! (Yesterday was miserable, so let’s not talk about that) I thought I’d do a little photoshoot with Anna, a book, the fireplace, and some old fake logs. Oh and why not a chicken! It’s been a while since I involved a chicken in a shoot. Kittens kept photo-bombing the shots, but that’s ok.
Cat bombed the shot
Unfortunately, I can’t decide which I like the most, so I had to upload them all.
Reading by the fire

4 thoughts on “Reading by the Fire

  1. That chicken looks upset! Too close to the fire?


    1. She was just running to my Mom since my son was the one holding her. The fire isn’t real…

      1. An attempt at humor . . . failed!

  2. I’m most drawn to the third. Love it!

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