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Going to Amma’s and Taking the Cat

Going to Amma's

Once upon a time, when I was maybe 8, I ran away from home with my older brother. We were being rather bad and tossing notes over the fence of a school across the street. When we were busted and knew they’d called our parents, we came up with the brilliant plan of running away. Where would we go? No clue, we’d just walk! I put on my best dress, fishnet tights, and my Strawberry Shortcake doll. Somehow we ended up on a military base of some sort in Newhall, Ca (I think it was Newhall) and at a guard’s insistence, my brother caved and gave our phone number to him so they could call our parents. I was disappointed.
Going to Amma's and taking the cat

This quick little shoot wasn’t depicting a child running away, but as I was dressing Anna, my Mom brought it up. Instead of Strawberry Shortcake, Anna was taking the cat…but not running away, just going to her Amma’s house. =P
Going to Amma's

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  1. Love these, especially the first! You are very talented. If you are a match for our gallery (MH related) we’d love to feature you and your work! Email and let me know.

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