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It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day!

black cat appreciation day
It’s no secret that I love all cats, and might have a preference towards the gingers, but I can’t say that I love our gingers any more than our black cats. We have 4 black cats, and today is their special day! (Ok, who am I kidding? Everyday is a special day for our cats!) So here’s a collection of photos of our 4 black cats throughout the years.

Violet & Carbon
Violet and Carbon
Kitty Hugs
Violet & Carbon hugs
Carbon kitty
Carbon Kitty
Violet & Carbon with painting.
Carbon & Violet with painting.
Carbon & Violet with Fireflies
Carbon & Violet with Fireflies
Violet sitting pretty
Violet sitting pretty
Violet and Carbon
Violet and Carbon
Lily Moonfall
Lily Moonfall, our semi-feral girl.
The babies.
Young Violet and Carbon
Carbon & ornaments
Carbon overseeing my ornament creations.
Violet Nightshade
Autumn Violet
Pierre Baby
Hilarious Carbon

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  1. I LOVE this post! Wonderful photos, beautiful black cats and a great illustration.

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