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Anna & Lillian

We love our chickens, a lot. We love our two ducks too…but they’re not team players and don’t seem to like us like the chickens do. I did a quick portrait of Anna and Lillian today, a year later. I also tried to do a portrait with Anna and one of the ducks. The duck wasn’t having any of it and let us know, or let Anna know in a very gross way. hahaha

Anna and her Lillian
Anna and Lillian April 20, 2012
Anna and Lillian
Anna and Lillian May 7, 2013

Oh man, my Mom and I were laughing so hard we nearly lost it. Anna on the other hand was so utterly disgusted. After a couple gags, she started laughing as well. So much for the new dress.

Ducks don't pose
Ducks don’t pose.

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