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Where Have All the Crows Gone?

Where have all the crows gone
The reality…no crows, not one to be seen anywhere while shooting this.

This is something I ask, probably on a weekly basis. It’s apparently legal to shoot and kill crows in Pennsylvania. We once had a one-footed crow who stopped by our bird bath every day, in Southern California. In Portland, Oregon, we had a murder of crows who hung out on the street in front of our house. One of those was a white crow (I have pictures…somewhere!) I’ve always loved crows, so you can imagine my horror to find out about it being ok to kill them. Since the day we moved here, it’s been a strange thing to not hear crows hanging out, cawing and doing their own thing. On a rare occasion, we’ll hear a caw and peak out the windows to find one or two crows on a neighbor’s roof. But it’s so rare. =(

Catching Crows

So I had this idea of Anna in a forest or empty corn field (corn field won this time) with a bird cage, trying to find a crow as a friend. In my head I had all these crow props flying around her, but soon realized our box of crows were only the sitting kind, not the open-winged flying ones. That wasn’t going to work. Seeing as I didn’t have a murder at my beck and call, I had to improvise. I’m not even 80% in love with the picture, but I’m posting it anyway. I have hopes that come next Halloween time, I’ll find a bunch of open-winged crow props and re-shoot.

An empty cornfield


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