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Ahh Spring!

Next to autumn, spring is my favorite time of year. I look so forward to the buds on trees, flowers, birds singing… I’m not really sure when “spring” is going to come this year. I’ve never been one to poo-poo snow or winter-I absolutely love it.  I’m just a little tired of it now even though everything looks so beautiful. We took a little walk this morning to take in the snow falling.

Snow walk

Waiting to go out



2 thoughts on “Ahh Spring!

  1. Hello,
    I read your “Spring” post, and thought, that must be somewhere in England – then discovered you’re in Pennsylvania!. Ah well, we all have our problems; We’re in Essex, and we don’t seem to have reached spring here yet, either. We change our clocks next Saturday – I think you already have – that’ll make it even harder to get up in the morning!
    I like your pictures – do you do mainly monochrome?

    1. Hi! Yes it seems a lot of us all over the world are waiting for a proper spring to begin. I mostly like color photos, but today’s seemed more apropos in black and white. =) Hope spring comes to you soon!

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