I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Spring is definitely on it’s way in! Today was glorious with blue skies and ample sun. It was still a bit cold, but not eyeball-freezingly-cold. I’m excited for spring! We’ve got two flats of seedlings germinating inside, two ducklings growing in the basement, and a brood of hens ready for sunshine and warmth. Not to mention, I’ve got two children eagerly awaiting riding their Christmas bicycles! My son has been wanting to participate in having his photo taken, and I admittedly have been having a hard time of thinking of “boyish” things, not that he needs to be “boyish” per se, but I thought, “Hey, what about we take some photos with your red bike?!” He seemed up for the idea. We decided on shooting in front of the wasting-away Art Deco Drake Theater (it’s for sale if anyone wants to buy it…almost a whole city block…)

The Fallout Shelter
He particularly liked the fallout shelter sign, no surprise since he likes the game Fallout.


Tiarnan and his bicycle


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