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The Bride

The Bride

We’ve been having the strangest past couple days of weather. It went from freezing cold, you know Winter, to almost 60 degrees. Because the Allegheny river was half frozen, this heat has created the most amazing fog! So, with fog on my mind, or a foggy mind, my Mom and I thought up an idea for a photo shoot! Amazingly enough, my Mom agreed to be IN IT! I know, crazy right? It’s always my daughter. But I was thrilled and so was my Mother. We rushed into the car with gear in tow, a wedding dress, and some flowers, and drove down to the river before the fog subsided.

Left Alone

The Bouquet


Into the water

Her wait will be eternal


It was a lot of fun photographing my Mom! I have plans building in my head for the next time. It makes it so much fun to work with her behind the lens, as opposed to her holding props or reflectors for an Anna shoot. Until the next time!

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