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The Duaflex II

Shooting the Duaflex

The other day I ordered some film for the Duaflex II and Brownie cameras to see if they still worked. Of course the minute I did, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed TTV pictures and wanted to do some more of those. But anyway, I loaded both cameras with film and decided that I’d take one camera along with each new shoot I thought up. Unfortunately, I forgot the first couple times. I remembered today and decided nothing was planned except our walk along the river, so why not take one of the cameras with us. I took the Duaflex. It’s pretty blah outside, it’s snowy and cold, but not snowing as in amazing snow and ice covered trees that take your breath away. Just snow and brown trees. *yawn* I ended up just taking a couple shots of the trees and Anna, then took a few pictures of Anna with the Duaflex. I had the Lensbaby Muse on (expecting large fluffy snowflakes to fall all around-which they didn’t until we got home. =P)

Duaflex II

Anna & Duaflex
I hope to finish off the roll in the Duaflex, which I think was black and white, and the roll in the Brownie, which I think was color, within the next month. I’m going to ship them off to The Darkroom in California for processing.

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