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Anna & Lillian

Her only possession

I’m sure you already know by now that we have chickens, six to be exact! Last year this very small town we moved to were going to make a no livestock ordinance at the end of March. Since we’d moved here, we had talked about getting chickens. Sure we talked about getting chickens while in Portland, Oregon too, but it seemed like something we’d really do here in Pennsylvania. This ordinance was the fire we needed under our asses to get some chickens. The ordinance stated any animals on the property before it went into affect would be fine until their death. The chicken hunt was on! So we got six tiny little chickens from the local Tractor Supply (since no one online would ship before April) and raised them in the basement until it was time for them to go outside. Did I mention we LOVE our chickens? They’re all named, and renamed when we forgot the initial names. There are two white hens, Lillian and Golde, and four red hens, Sepia, Rainbow (Anna’s names), Goldilocks, and Estella. Lillian is Anna chicken, and she loves her so very much, so we did a a little shoot with Anna and her chicken. I edited them both in color and black and white, but couldn’t decide which I liked best. While the consensus among my friends was B & W, I chose to share the color versions today.

My chicken

Anna and Lillian

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  1. I really love these images. The first one is my favorite, but they are all great. Well done!!

    1. Thanks Mike! The first is my favorite too. =)

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