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The Canon T70

Canon T70

I recently rediscovered my Mother’s old Canon T70. The camera that was always with us when we went on holiday to Mexico, around the states, all over. It was the family camera. I remember it having some pretty clear and beautiful pictures too. Maybe one day I’ll upload some of those San Felipe pictures, in horrible 80’s clothes, as a child. Then again, maybe I won’t. I had a perm too…let’s not talk about that.

Anna & Tiarnan

So anyhow, I purchased some AfgaPhoto Vista 100 ISO film, exp 2009, because from sample photos it looked like my kind of colors. Turns out, the color was definitely spot on! My skills with this camera, not so much. But that’s why I wanted to speed through a roll, changing settings, seeing what it’s capabilities were (sure next time it won’t be 100 ISO, a friend said 400 would be better), and I’m not too disappointed. Nevermind the actual pictures are rather meh, just simple shots as we took our river walk. I also don’t mind that a few of the photos had some light leakage, I like it. I’m going to give my Mom the other roll of the Vista film so she can play around with her old camera. I hope to try again, this time with an actual photo shoot planned out.


I couldn’t forget to photograph the chickens. All the reds were happy enough to pose for me.

chickens in film

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