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Autumn Modes of Transportation

I didn’t realize it until this morning when the coffee kicked in, but yesterday I took a break from making VW Christmas ornaments so I could paint a couple paintings. Yesterday’s theme was apparently modes of transportation. With 24 clay ornaments to finish, I grabbed a couple canvases and drew out a cat on a bicycle and a couple cats in a bug.

autumn bicycle ride
I love fat cats on bicycles and with autumn upon us, this kitty definitely needed a scarf to cut the chill of the wind!

VW Spooky Drive
These two kitties took the spooky route…

3 thoughts on “Autumn Modes of Transportation

  1. Great drawings! Do you sell postcards, or greeting cards? You should.

    1. Hi Elan, thanks! When I get around to it, I add paintings to zazzle or redbubble for postcards, greeting cards, and prints.

  2. love the cat on the bike s/he’s very dapper

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