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The new theme for this weekend, and lasting for two weeks this time, is “Silence.” I wanted to make Anna into a ventriloquist’s dummy, and my son Tiarnan as the ventriloquist. Now, mind you, they’re both doing cyber school with live classes at certain times, and I thought I’d catch them in between class and do a quick shoot. We had storms coming soon and I have this tiny little problem where if I have an idea in my mind, I need to expel that idea. Get it over and out of my mind so I can move on. So after running around the house grabbing the clothes the kids would wear, and working on Anna’s makeup, I realized time was going down fast. So I did less on her makeup than planned, hustled the kids out front and grabbed a chair on the way out. There are a lot of things I’d like to have done differently, but ended up having only about 10 minutes to get some shots. I’m happy with what we ended up with. =)


The Ventriloquist and Dummy

My thought behind “silence” in this picture is pretty obvious- without the ventriloquist’s voice, the dummy is silent.

4 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Very cool shots. The lighting and clarity on the second one is superb.

    1. Thanks so much Rob!

  2. Great stuff!

    1. Thanks Mike!

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