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The Reflection

I usually have a few pieces of paper in front of me where I randomly scribble out ideas for both paintings and photographs. One of my ideas was Anna in front of one of our old armoires, holding a doll, with the reflection being a ‘darker’ version of Anna reaching out for the doll. Due to lighting situations in the house, I changed it to a tall mirror in the forest. My mother kept asking when I was going to do that particular photo, and I kept putting it off. Well this weekend’s theme being “reflections”, my mom turned to threats if I didn’t take the shot… haha =) So we went out this morning and got it done. It’s not as dark as maybe I’d wanted to go initially, but I’m ok with that. The only problem is, I can’t decide if I like the black and white version, or the colored.

It's MY Doll

It's MY Doll

I took a little ‘behind the scenes’ of Anna in character. She’s always so willing to participate in photographs!

Β a little behind the scenes

3 thoughts on “The Reflection

  1. Love the first black and white ! Interesting idea and execution.

  2. Wow! Totally prefer the b+w personally. Neat idea. Very dark. If you are a match for our collective, we would love for you to submit these or other photos for publication. It’s a supportive group of talented photographers. You would be a great addition!

  3. this one is a really spooky pic! loved the first shot the best.

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