Playing With The Sunflowers

Newest painting is my version of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers…with cats! I mean come on, there’s no way the little kittens wouldn’t be enticed by a vase of sunflowers, especially with one hanging down!

Helloooo November!

Happy November! So I have been thinking, and while I’m working on commissions for the start of this month, I am going to offer only 1 pre-order for Christmas Ornaments.

I have received so many messages looking for my ornaments and I wasn’t going to do any Christmas ones this year-I don’t think I did them last year either. So, my goal is to run the pre-order for two weeks, OR if I hit 40 ornament sales I will end the pre-order. 40 ornaments in two weeks is a lot of work, and every ornament is 100% handmade. That leaves me two weeks this month to work on commissions and paint some holiday paintings.

Pre-order starts today, and ends November 15th, or sooner depending on the number sold!

26 Days Until Halloween!

Celebration of Halloween ’22!
Sadako Cat
Skellie Cat Bicycle Ride

Candy Goblins
Mummy Kitty
Spooky Drive Trio

New Paintings – Halloween and Coffee!

Claudette Has a Coffee
Fuzzy Little Black Witch
Fuzzy Little Ginger Witch
Little Witch
Spooky Drive ’22